Only the Bravest Jump

3 Sep

How sad a story do you want to hear?
Maudlin, poignant or Presbyterian?
Sad stories break the back.
Really sad stories can have happy endings written into them.
Stories with injustice should not be forgotten.
Sad stories of the heart can grow dusty or moldy.

Stories of the hearts are as common as rabbits.
The saddest ones can be made to have happy endings.
The saddest stories slow down time. The man with gunpowder breath.
The baby sleeping on it’s stomach that never wakes.
A sad tale that remains as painful as the day it was born.
Polar bears drowning.

One Response to “Only the Bravest Jump”

  1. pcgrant September 3, 2013 at 4:06 am #

    100 words

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