All Cleaned Up

9 Jun

I have to tell you what this hooker told me. She said that if a woman, any woman, well, sexually active woman, were to eat a whole fresh pineapple every day for 3 days, her pussy would taste like pineapple. It had to be fresh not canned. “Gets frothy” she said.
She was a very sad hooker, alcoholic, her children lost to her and grown. She seriously overdosed twice.
She wasn’t really the all-healing mother-type. Of course, I would like to think I’m that type. Carrying a few extra pounds maybe. Feeling like a cat that’s had a couple of litters; even my fat is strong.
Penny Gallo. Now that’s a nice name. After she moved to Reno, she got a very foul mouth. Brought it back to Bakersfield and now Monterey. Asked me if I was from back east.”Back in ’71, I went to New York to see all the hippies there. But all these black Muslim guys were there instead!”
“Yeah.” I remembered, too.
Then she did it again, and lay there in ICU, intubated.
“Cold hearted bitch!” I think to myself. Might as well cut it off.

She spent a good deal of time in the ICU. Then to Basement Ward. I felt angry. She could tell. She had a black eye. But she really didn’t want to leave anyone disappointed, even us on the BW. Nurses.

Christmas was coming. Penny Gallo had missed Halloween. Thanksgiving flew by. I was skinny then. Had a lot of clothes, like wearing them to work. I has a very soft cashmere sweater, 3/4 sleeve. A remarkable software product of some kind had reproduced large roses, photographically printed on this cashmere in black and white. It flattered me with my short white hair long dangly earrings, crooked mouth. Penny admired it. I thanked her.
Such a beautiful thing, that soft sweater.
I had to think here a minute to consider weather I wrapped it. Or not. Then it came to me. I wore it to work. I was flush with clothes, throughout my car and several hospital locker rooms. Then perhaps, I put it in bag.
I think it was a good present. There was goodwill around, really.

I’ll be safe at home among a brood, if she tries it again. I hope she doesn’t wear that sweater if she does.I’ll remember her best if she doesn’t try again.

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