The Fabulous Conjoined Sisters

22 Jun

Buella is still mad at me for not agreeing with herself and Dimitri. Wanting to go to Plymouth Plantation rather than P Town.

And she’s mad because I named the fish first. Sterling, Toughy,and Moly. Fantastic names! Rage flew out of her fingertips. Turned her piss to vinegar. Burned out her mudflaps all that acid.

That P Town cape Cod thing happened in nineteen ninety fucking four! Rageful, isn’t it?

Still mad because sometime late in 1960 (Xmas) I forced her to eat an entire Sunday newspaper, from a town she “wishes to forget.” About eighteen months later, she was hospitalized with “blood poisoning”.

In ’59 I attempted to throw her in front of a speeding train. Shortly thereafter, when we had become estranged, she was abducted by Egyptian space weavers.

When we were kids, she always would call Clint Eastwood Curt Westwood.

Buella La Bella what the Cosa Nostra Hella? Don’t you think I know what mad is?

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