What Mrs. Heyerdahl Did

24 Jun

Mrs. Heyerdahl, Liv to some, admires her husband from the distance as the wind blows his sun-bleached hair.
Mrs. Heyerdahl is scrutinized most superficially from a close distance by the men that admire her husband, as a good wife for a great man. Surface anatomy interests them.
Mrs Heyerdahl has time while her husband is incommunicado.
Time to choose endless shades of coral lipstick.
Tie her hair with a silk scarf from Santiago.
Search for that old brownie recipe.
Live in a house on stilts.
Listen to the wind a lot.
Skin a rabbit while telemarking a steep grade not far from a future site of the Olympics. Unfortunately rabbit skinning is not recognized as a sport outside of Norway.
Ride a piebald horse with a saddle of camel hide.
Agonize over a dead bird one of her sons found in the snow.
Realize that as a child she recognized only two emotions: happiness and anger.
These accomplishments pale beside Thor’s and are all but forgotten now. Such a pretty wife.

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