Baby Loves Chocolate

5 Aug

I am having an affair with a troglodyte. Scrumptious.
Hairy and reedy. Harry and read-y.
We read. His name is Reed.
We eat. Apples and oranges.
Bacon, rashers, fluffy scrambled eggs.
Bacon rashes. Back rash. We scratch.
Hairy fluffy eggs. Apples and fluff. Lint.
Orange lintels. Lentils and gravy.
Orange baby back bacon.
Oh baby! Eat, baby, eat.
Scratch, baby, scratch. Yellow onion and saffron.
Grits with honey and fresh Irish butter.
Gritty yellow butter. Languish fluffy.
Baby fat bacon. Orange pekoe tea with honey.
Butter my back, baby. Languish and scratch.
Cottage fries from scratch with gravy.
Read the tea leaves.
Harry is coming!
Peeking over the lintel. Screech!
Screech and throw hot bacon, wet lentils, tea leaves!
Screech again! Hide!
See Aphrodite and her troglodyte. Sumptuous

One Response to “Baby Loves Chocolate”

  1. pcgrant August 5, 2013 at 2:00 am #

    I have always liked this poem. I wrote it in ’07. I am just now understanding why others don’t get it.I was taking an online writing class, and an assignment compelled me to copy Gertrude Stein. I was just beginning my short story fixation, and had loved T.C.Boyle’s the Descent of Man.The protagonist in that story is killed by his lover’s new paramour, a chimpanzee.
    Butter my back baby! No? Anyone?

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