Charm City Imagined

3 Jul

Jesus drives a cab now.
He’ll race through Pigtown,
Knowing you’ve missed his silky -eyed gaze.
He grips the wheel tighter than calamity,
shoulders drooping like a Dad’s.
With dazzling thoughts he’ll speed past,
not recognizing you in that suit

Afternoon with sidewalks painted
gray as birch, shadows of gables
wary of colonial salt and birds,
Cant wait ’til full on dusk.
Parsimonious willows weep while
you walk along with a dozen
wily thoughts as companions.

Does the sky ever sleep?
Chocolate cut -outs are all that’s
left when you close your eyes.
Quarters where slaves swept.
Old as old bones,edges still sharp.
A horizon’s silhouetted
visibly near where you creep.
The inner harbor awake at 6am.
If you must go that far, go then.

Stay if you will, weaving harshly in
and out of my gallant or misguided
dreams. The city will embrace your
stenciled heart no matter how wild.
So sneer at the sky with your teeth,
and snap your fingers for joy.

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