Slow Drumming Under the Sycamores

8 Jul

If I was to come out and see you I would just show up. I’m like that. I’ve always been like that, even before 911, so fair warning. Now I may do this and I may, not. This old heart maybe can’t take it. I also have to tell you that. It was during that calamity with the nursing board that I found out I have valve issues. Dr. Fancy in Vanil and Kaiser have differing opinions. Chronically enlarged atria. Aortic Valve leakage. Small aortic aneurism, in a place that doesn’t explode often. Mitral valve prolapse has been agreed upon. Hole or two.where there should be none.
You can come and hang out with me. We could go to Monterey, Pacific Grove, Asilomar or Point Lobos. I once saw  bucks fighting in the surf at Asilomar. I haven’t told you that before, have I?
My offspring accuse me of telling a tale over and over. Let’s  believe some stories get better in the telling.

Trying to get Grunt to paint the barn red before he goes to Oregon.

My  first-born is a community fund-raiser/activist, which is what he’s always wanted to be.Permanently barred from posting on Daily Kos. Argumentative, angry and right, as in correct.In Boston, people don’t turn away as often if a street talker really has something to say

My daughter spends her days scavenging the central valley’s foreclosed  homes and ranches.It’s great to have a daughter. I have always felt sad for women with sons only. Sons tend to go where their wives want them to. As their own mothers age, they are not close by.

The wind is rustling the Sycamores so, it seems the season is about to change. Negatively charged ions of ozone make me feel on the cusp of having something reveled to me which I never even imagined could exist. Answers to questions never asked is how I imagine death. It ‘s a big surprise, and I just hope there is someone there to hold my hand.I do want to be surprised.

It is the only way I’ll go quietly,slow drumming be damned.

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