Sister Scorpion Breath

26 Jul

“Well, that’s what you always do! Up from behind your back and around your neck, a huge prick of a scorpion tail actually appears!”

The look on her face told me that it would come to blows before the night was over. Honestly not what I planned!

Spanish Night at Basement Ward, which took the entire quarterly budget, went off in the most comely cosmic way.  The Board looked appeased or pleased, hard to say. All the guests were just about gone when Buella and I met eye to eye for the first time since it got dark.

“All of our plans, month after dreary month, ass-reamed!” Couldn’t she hear the pleading in my voice? “Hey, you still have pancreatitis? ” I yelled, as I  picked up speed running down the peach carpeted corridor. I gave her a solid whollop in the solar plexus. She clocked me in the forehead with the Chianti bottle in her hand I failed to notice. I went down and took a little nap.

When I once again opened my eyes, it was sunny out and someone was smoking a cigarette. “Got a shiner, ass-wipe.” she said, with as little contempt as possible.
I pulled my rat -tail comb from under the bleach -scented sheet. Before I could shank her good she threw a pitcher of ice water in my face. I was out of bed and slamming her into the bathroom door. I heard it crack. I reached down and took off my shoe. I managed to nail her hand into the busted door with the spiked heel three times before her screams brought a nurse running.

The blood was still on the door three hours later when the Pitkin County sheriff showed up. I wasn’t asleep.I had to face the inevitable.I was depending on her, and she hurt me. Why was I so trusting, so loving? The deputy looked mildly board with my statement. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. I only wanted to hurt her the way she hurt me.

The little knock at the door woke me. “Mo! Maureen? are you awake fuck-stick? Say something!”

“Get in here, snatchface!” I whispered. She’d brought all the clothes I’d asked for ,and an expensive wig.  I grabbed her from behind and held the blade to her throat. I lifted her just off her feet and dragged her to the nurses station. “I’m jetting, you cunts! Just because she almost fucked up the most important party of my career, doesn’t mean I don’t love her! The Bardune Sisters stick together!”

She managed to choke out a respectable “yeah.”

One Response to “Sister Scorpion Breath”

  1. pcgrant July 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

    No, Stosh board is the word I wanted.

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