Zucchini Marmalade

28 Jul

Soak 5 oranges ,3 lbs of zucchini and 10 cups of sugar for 30 minutes in large pot ,in anticipation of the fact that once  you’ve soaked all for the recommended time, the sugar becomes scented with oranges,the zucchini pickle, and the sugar gets real heavy. You will then need to be boil, stir and skim for 60 minutes. Alone in a big house, the hours expand lightly and dust along the walls and up the staircase. The chunks in the zucchini marmalade seem over -large, even as the recipe called for coarsely ground.Decide to take the 6 or 7 minutes waiting for the rinse cycle doing jars to place the sugar mixture sans pectin in the vitamix. It’s easy.  Timing is everything. All you need is to be alone to write, and think. Everyone knows time slows down and speeds up at random

The color of the jelly is not what was expected . The first *POP* from the jars resting on rags spread across the kitchen island caused the canary to sing your favorite song. You must have put in the right kind of love! Outside,It’s actually getting dark already. Better ask some questions. The canary continues to sing. “What kind of bread for your jelly?” Flea market napkins on your lap on the front porch, did anyone follow directions and clean up all the cat hair there? Nope. It’s dusk; feel the April chill in the air?  A smarting breeze from the bay follows you around the yard.

Excuses need to be made. Sharp edges need to dull. It’s easy. Alone in this big house with everything the color of new grapes, a canary sings. Hot tea and toast with marmalade.

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