Another Unpublished Letter to the Editor

28 Jul

s for “(safeway)”.

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TarMar Lar
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Dear Editor,
John Coleman, a man who has delivered weather reports on TV since 1953, (mostly in San Diego), claims global warming is the biggest scam in history. I must disagree.
The biggest scam in history is the so-called “Round Earth” theory. Everyone can see that the Earth is flat! Any one who has ever been on a big boat in Monterey Bay can prove for them self that the earth is flat, just by looking at the way the ocean and the sky meet, then drop off with a sharp edge.
Ask any cartographer. Maps are flat. They can be folded and placed in the glove box of any late model SUV. Maps are not made by architects now, are they?
Those wacko- type scientists that brought us “pictures” of the Earth from “orbit”? Well those “pictures” are 2 dimensional! I’ve seen them on the TV.
By God, folks, think for yourselves and look around you? Do you reel and stumble as you walk down the aisles of Safeway? No! The floor is as flat as a pancake. The ground in my neighborhood is as flat as Kevin Cosner’s facial expressions. “Global warming” doesn’t exist, because the “Globe” itself is a scam.

Moly Heller

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