Obama Slips Into Afghanisan

28 Jul

Obama Slips Into Afghanistan

The details of the layout and floor plan of
Air Force One are secret. They do have fresh flowers on board.
Barack likes Daffodils and Alcatraz lilies. The housekeeping staff
also cleans the White House, so they know.
The mirrors have been polished.
He likes to check his hair
frequently. It grows fast and
it’s getting greyer. The ashtrays are Irish crystal.

Barrack kissed his wife and daughters and stepped onto the plane.
The plane landed at Agram Air Base.
GI s and Officers alike cheered wildly. There could have been
an air of arrogance, but none was present.
“The Afghan people are beautiful.” said a source
close to the White House
The language used by Obama and Karzai their private discussions was not disclosed.
It was civil, however. They did not swear at each other out loud.
Together they toured the palace at Kabul.
It remains heavily fortified.
that inconvenience it was well appointed.
Peonies and Poppies in vases were in almost every room.
Gilt mirrors without
the slightest patina of dust
were seen hanging.
“There is fear that Karzai could corrupt the English language.”
said a source close to the president.

After brunch they sat in satin
covered arm chairs on opposite sides of the room.
“Handsome and athletic.” said Karzai “No wonder the American people elected you!”
“You have what we call a solar sex panel, Mr. President.” said Obama.
More details of the conversation were not available by press

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