Aside 8 Dec

The tube is full. I don’t recall drawing a bath. My feet stink. Must have done so.
Friday night and the sky choked a couple times but no rain.
I still put buns outside as most mornings, early. The bird is a love; pretty speckled throat and a red bronze head. As I bring her in I realize a singing bird is better than a sour man.

Friday night is motor sport night. They race all year.
I imagine I’m an invisible woman.I will have my memories of flesh is a nourishment.An empty room with a tub full of water is meaningless. Is it that we all have a bit of madness? Is it better not to ask?
The cat hears the buckle on my boots and comes to chase the bell.The man who has left,is he wishing me a scorpion in my boot?
We will call him John H. The man who leaves.

The radio plays, but not his song. He’s too weary to recognize his rage. Stomps around at night.Catches a glimpse of himself in a dark lake
in a full moon.Fearful of taking a good look he’s as baffled as a caged bird flinging seeds about in an attempt to be free.


I watch a rich woman buying a wreath of Protea, Bay Laurel,Juniper and Bottle Brush from a traveler. Isn’t this more important? The man takes the fifty dollars, and it is worth it to the woman. It is raining now.This is more important.If he was unhappy, I did not make him so.I pace around for awhile.The last of the sweet, sweet cherry tomatoes that John F. grew are still in the sink since Monday. I put one in Bun’s cage. She loves cherry tomatoes.

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